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The Kaya Doner Production GmbH located in Wittstock is northwest of Berlin and a first-class kebab production company. Since its founding in 2009 by Suphi Kaya, the kebab has been purchased and tranched by selected suppliers. The Kaya Doner Production ensured from the outset that the processing of the meat is produced according to the highest EU quality standards. The slaughter of the animals takes place exactly according to the specifications of Islam. The meat is thus 100% "halal" .

Main customers are usually kebab shops and other fast food chains. The products are also produced in the desired quantity and quality for special events, such as wedding celebrations or other events.

After just one year, Kaya Dönerproduktion GmbH has established itself on this market and already has a large number of regular customers who are supplied daily.

Our products

The various doner products are made from veal, beef, turkey or chicken meat. The meats are available as a slice or simply as a spit (100% minced meat). The slice of 100% veal is a specialty of the Efsane kebab. If required, the minced beef can also be produced in combination with the disc spit. All products are marinated and have their unique Efsane kebab taste right from the start.




Efsane for iOS and Android supports you to find halal restaurants near you and to navigate you easily.


Gökhan Kaya

Managing director

 +49 174 900 32 50


Abdurrahman Kaya

Client advisor

 +49 176 101 59 452


Muzaffer Kaya

Product manager

 +49 173 650 14 87


Suphi Kaya

Production manager

 +49 172 166 83 20


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Kaya Dönerproduktion GmbH 

Ruppiner Str. 11
16909 Wittstock / Dosse
Tel.: +49 3394 / 400 175
Fax: +49 3394 / 400 71 59

Web: www.kaya-doner.com
Mail: info@kaya-doner.com 


Kaya Dönerproduktion GmbH
Ruppiner Str. 11
16909 Wittstock / Dosse
Tel.: +49 3394 / 400 175
Fax: +49 3394 / 400 71 59

Web: www.kaya-doner.de
Mail: info@kaya-doner.de

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